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Name(s): Magdelene Theresa (if a girl)
             Jeremiah Matthew (if a boy)
Hmmmm.. what if I'm one of both??? or two of the same??? or more?????? hehehehe!!
HEY!!!! Will someone pick my daddy off the floor now please???

What A Wonderful World!

Expected Arrival: August 23rd, 2000

Weight: Well, probably at this point just little more than a gleam in my daddy's eye!! *smiles*

Length: Guess for now I could be known as "short stuff".. hehe

Proud Parents-To-Be: Art & Missy Jaramillo

How Mommy Told Daddy: By creating this page!!! Finally, after we were home together.. news of this.. umm.. make that ME!! was my mommy's Christmas Gift to Daddy.. She waited until all my siblings were asleep.. and then brought my rather tired daddy out of bed to come and see!! *smiles* Methinks he is pleased!! After he recovered from the shock (hehe), lots of tears from mommy & that "mushy kissin' stuff".. I can see that these two have potential!!

What I Need Most: Prayers!!! Please may God continue to bless & watch over us all!!