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House at Pooh Corner

My story began long ago... with an angel's smile..

Once upon a time, an angel came to our Lord and asked about two certain souls.. These individuals were wandering through life.. struggling to deal with their crosses.. and while at times stumbling.. ever carrying on. The angel was saddened to watch their plight and desired to do something to encourage them.

The kind Father listened to the angel's plea.. and quietened her with His calm. It seemed that He already had something special in mind for these two.

Recall, now, dear reader, that each soul has its own will.. and whether He approves or not, the Lord will not interfere with the decisions we make. But, He does allow things to happen.. perhaps even, at times, He will allow the angels to act as guides.. Still, the final choices must be made by us.

The angels gathered... watching anxiously that fateful night.. The "stage" was set.. the players ready.. Yet, the "connection" was up to them.. *Sigh*.. Human failings too often override the Best of God's plans!!

They met!!!
The meeting would not to the common observer be described as spectacular.. but had the very best of foundations.. a request and response to prayer.. Oh, how the angels glowed with pride!! Weeks went by... and the two discovered the next important basis of happiness... sharing a True friendship... *smiles* Then, it happened.. An admittance of feelings way beyond "friend".. The two were shocked to find that "spiritual connection" had evolved into that mystery known as Love...

May 10th.. Mother's Day actually.. It was a day filled with smiles.. then tears... a desperate appeal for "just one more night"... The "lines" were erased.. and from that point on... the two accepted to follow the path they Knew God had chosen for them... Together..
Since that point in time.. they have faced many obstacles... but strengthened.. by each other.. by the bond of their Love.. and bolstered by turning to the Father in good times and bad... This "love" became recognized as Agape.. Totally unconditional... Where others would have given up... time and time again.. these two endured.

October 23rd.. A day of extreme rejoicing in Heaven.. as the two betrothed.. The vows exchanged at that moment in time shall be forever cherished:
"ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: I am proposing an Eternal and undying love...Agape..I am proposing the sharing of Eternal Bliss, with our Lord at the Center to lead and guide us in this life and beyond...I am proposing a life of happiness, caring, sharing...laughter, tears, hard work, play...I am proposing marriage...a marriage in the Church..blessed in the Sacrament of Matrimony....I am proposing ....and I am on my knees...will you?...Will you be my wife?...Will you marry me Melissa Danise?...I love you! *kiss*

(23:59:10) Missy.K. hugs ArtJ: *tears in eyes*.. I can't believe you did this... or want this... But here's your answer... You want agape... that is what I've desired for always... You've given that to me.. No one has ever wanted to take that kind of time to invest in me... you have offered a complete.. and unconditional love... You already have given me more happiness in almost 6 months than I've had in a lifetime.. You've shared laughter.... LOTS of laughter.. some tears.. and have allowed me to remain a kid sometimes and still play.. You know how important our Faith is.. and it is wonderful to not only have a man in my life that says he's Catholic .. but LIVES the Faith... and yes indeed.. what you are proposing is a Sacrament.. that is the only way we would have it. I am not afraid of a hard work.. when the rewards are so great.. So... (if you haven't given up waiting.. .. ) the answer to your offer of Eternal happiness.. is.... yes.. *kiss*.. I love you too.... today.. tomorrow.. and for always.. ok?

(00:01:53) ArtJ hugs Missy.K.: *tears in my eyes*...Wow!!!! Come here!!! (((((((((Missy))))))))))))....I love you!!!!!! You have just made me the happiest man in the world..let alone in this room...thank you!!! *kiss*"

It became only more and more clear that the Lord has given this relationship His Divine blessing, as under the crosses shared most would have crumpled.. yet their love survived. Turning to prayer, both by self and many friends.. the year flew by..

October 22nd... Despite all the obstacles.. all of Satan's attempts to foil their union.. Melissa & Art exchanged their betrothal into a wedded union...

Thus is My story... I have been a dream in both my mother's and father's heart.. a longing yet to be fulfilled.. Conceived of a pure and simple love.. I know that I shall be always cherished.. just as my parents' love will endure.. Forever & A Day!!